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Small Spaces by Katherine Arden Blog Tour

I taught third grade for16 years.  This year I am teaching drama in an elementary school. I have gotten over my fear of kindergarteners, but still laugh at the random bits of “important” information they MUST share while I am reading a story or teaching the lesson. Anyhow, what I love about this job is that it is literature in action. 

Thank you Penguin Young Readers!
A couple of weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to participate in a spooky and Wicked blogger campaign. There was a list of books and types of candy.  We were asked to pick a candy, and which creative way the book could be promoted. For the candy, I selected Reese’s (YUMMMM!!!) because I can eat them at school, but due to my partner’s deadly peanut allergy I can’t have them at home. What made this fun is that I had NO idea which book I would get.  The silver package arrived last week filled with Reese and Small Spacesby Katherine Arden

For the creative way to discuss the book I decided to tie it into drama.  I selected a couple of spookier chapters from the book.  The fourth and fifth grade classes will read the chapters and as a class we will write a script to act out the story.  On Monday and Tuesday one of the fifth grade classes started the process.  They were so excited.  As we were writing a couple of students loved the bellowing Mr. Easton, but what sucked in all the kids were the white eyes of the bus driver and the sharp white teeth on the RED lips.  A few hands went up after that, and students pleading to play the part of the bus driver. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to finish this week; but kids left excited to come back and finish it next week.

Over the years I have loved helping kids find books that will turn them into readers.  Even though, I am no longer have a formal position as a reading teacher I do get to introduce so many other kids to great stories. As I look forward to the rest of the school year I want to incorporate as much script writing and performing what is written as possible.  Starting with a spook story is a fun way to get readers and actors excited about books.

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