Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Guilty Pleassure

Last February at the CCIRA conference Jane Yolan gave a potent luncheon speech. One of her points was that publishers “create” series to make money. I agree, but some of them are fun and do get kids to read. I read the fourth 39 Clues this summer. It is not great literature, and will probably not stand the passage of time, but they are fun. I borrowed the book from M. He emailed me four times to see how I liked it, and to tell me “Mr. Kimmal it is the best one yet!”

How bad can a book be if it keeps a nine year old reading during the summer?
Reading Level high 3rd grade and above.


Little Willow said...

Thanks for hosting Poetry Friday tomorrow! I posted a few hours early: Emily Dickinson at Bildungsroman.

Mary Lee said...


For Poetry Friday I have a poem by Jack Prelutsky and an invitation to the Kidlitosphere to participate in the National Day on Writing gallery that Franki and I are hosting. It's called A LIfetime of Reading, and it will be a place where we gather a collection of stories about our reading lives.

Jack Prelutsky and National Day on Writing at A Year of Reading.

laurasalas said...

Hi Kyle, Thanks for hosting! For Poetry Friday, I have a roundup of 15 Words or Less poems that people wrote. Drop by and add your own to the comments!


Tabatha said...

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for hosting. I've got some REALLY old poems this week:


laurasalas said...

Hi again, I also have two very short poems (Books and Custodian) from Lee Bennett Hopkins' fabulous collection, Alphathoughts.



Andrea -- Just One More Book!! Podcast said...

Thanks for hosting!

This week for Poetry Friday, Mark & I discuss I Always, Always Get My Way.

A hilarious, rhyming book about a cute little girl who's learning that "cute" only gets you so far...