Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Our school’s librarian is wonderful. She is constantly getting in new books and letting us know what we, or our class might enjoy. This morning I got a new stack. As I read them I will let you know what stands out. The first two picture books were loved by the class. They were fun to read after CSAP Writing Session I.

The first one is Who is Melvin Bubble by Nick Bruel. It is a wonderful story of 6 ½ year old friends. It was fun to watch and listen to third graders making silly predictions of what was going to happen next.

The second book is Steal Back the Mona Lisa by Meghan McCarthy. The story is about a boy named Jack that is called into service to rescue the stolen Mona Lisa. At the end of the book there is interesting information about the real theft of the Mona Lisa. It is always fun to find books in which the characters have the same name as a student in class.

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