Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Fun New Reading Year

We had our first Guys Read meeting yesterday after school. It was a packed hour. There were numerous new “guys”, so we did brief introductions. Name and favorite book. Well for third and fourth graders that was not enough. They needed to included their favorite series. One of our new members had an orthodontist appointment at 4:40, so we voted for our next few books before he left.

By a landslide The Young Bond Series, Book One: Silverfin (A James Bond Adventure) (Young Bond) by Charlie Higson was picked as our next book. I can’t wait. It looks like a fun series.

After picking our next books we had a very brief discussion about Homework Machine. At first many did not like it, but once they got in to the style they really enjoyed it. A few were upset that Belch was destroyed, and Harrison could not understand why they just didn’t do the homework. He is smart like Brenton. Go figure!

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