Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lunch Lady

There was a mess up from the publisher, so mine just arrived! My students will be so excited. I got emails this summer asking "Mr. Kimmal do you have the second Lunch Lady?" Book talk on the first day will be FUN!


Jessica said...

My books must have been affected by the same mix-up. I preordered mine. I got the second book 3 days after the release date and they have no clue where the first one is.

Sandix6 said...

Just discovered you blog and really enjoyed reading your reviews. I will definitely be checking back for more suggestions.
Would it be possible to put the reading levels of the books in your review? I would fine that extemely helpful

Sandix6 said...

I just went to your blog for the first time. I love it. I'm sick of Goosebumps and Matt Christopher (great books all) but not always readable by the reluctant reader. I'm going to use your blog as a reference.