Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dull Boy by Sarah Cross

Last weekend I was at my neighborhood book store The Bookery Nook and I picked up Dull Boy by Sarah Cross. It was between the middle grade book section and the JA section. (As a 3/4 grade teacher this is a real grey area to be in.) The cover caught my eye. Bold letters, superhero power boy flying through the words. I was excited because I am in desperate need for books for E. He is a fourth grade that reads at an eight grade level. He was in my class last year and again this year. He has read about EVERYTHING in my library. Well, that grey area wasn’t so grey once I started reading Dull Boy. It is a huge reminder to read books before handing them out.
Dull Boy is a great story about Avery Pirzwick an average 15 year old that has developed superpowers. His parents don’t know and he hasn’t learned how to control them. He soon discovers that there are a few other teens in his town that have superpowers. The group soon discover that they have many things in common. I really enjoyed the book. I SO wished I could let E read it. It’s not the language, though there are some not age appropriate phrases. It’s not the situations, though there are some situations that he doesn't need to know about yet. It’s everything combined. Please understand I am not advocating censoring what kids read, but there are books for kids, books for teens, and books for us. Where does this leave me? I still need books for E!


Tricia said...

I found your site from a friend a few weeks, and it's appropriate since I have 3 boys (ages 6 to 12).

I've faced this a lot as a mother, having kids with a reading level above their maturity level. Has E read the Percy Jackson books? That's what my 4th grader is currently reading. He was on a Hardy Boys kick before that (original Hardy Boys - he read probably a dozen before recognizing there was a predictable formula so he grew tired of them).

Gary Piserchio said...

Thanks for the shout out, Kyle!

The Bookery Nook

Ms. Yingling said...

Just found your site, and I felt the same way about Dull Boy! Hop over to my blog-- during the school year I have a lot more concentration on books for boys, and maybe you will find something.