Friday, July 20, 2012

The New Sam Gary Branch Library in Denver

Dad in front of the new library.

Last night my dad and I attended the “sneak peek” of the new Denver Public Library Branch in Stapleton.   My parents live about three blocks from the new library.  My 76-year-old dad walked Rosie, his dog, to watch the construction everyday.  He knew about the electrical, the state of the art lighting (it includes using natural filtered light to illuminate the building).  He knew the artwork was delayed etc., etc., etc.  When I told him I got us tickets to go he was beside himself.  Mom said it was all he talked about for days. 

Dad is a reader.  He didn’t go to college, and his father had an 8th grade education, but I remember both of them always reading.  My dad doesn’t have great comprehension, and he forgets that he has already read a book. (Actually, he is forgetting a lot of everything.)  One time he was half way through Centennial by James Michener when he realized he had already read it!  Dad said last night “I am going to be here everyday it is open.”  City budget cuts only allows for branches to be open 32 hours a week. 

It was a wonderful evening to watch my dad stroll the shelves and look at titles.  I showed him a book about the history of Lego. (Samsonite used to make Lego.) He said he was going to be there August 11, the day it opens, to check it out for my nephew Levi.
I was a little bad because I pulled a copy of Fake Mustache and placed it on an end cap!

The Sam Gary Library is beautiful.  During one of the, little, speeches it was mentioned that people wanted a modern day Carnegie Library.  Not an easy request.  The exterior of the building is nice, but the spirit of the Carnegie Library lives inside.  It is an inviting place to be.  There is a fireplace with seating, building filled with new books and a huge children’s section.  Overall it is a place a 76-year old man feels comfortable reading his books.  Thanks Dad!

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