Monday, November 10, 2008

What to do with 20 "guys" that want to discuss books?

Yes, it is hard to believe but last week 20 third and fourth grade boys showed up for book club. I am excited that so many showed, but trying to have a discussion was challenging. When it came time to pick the next book it was a tie. Half the group picked The Navigator by Eion McNamee and the other half picked One Small Step by P.B.Kerr. Since I am always flying by the seat of my pants I said that next time we would meet in two groups. One with me and the other with Mr. Bry, my team teacher. By the way his name is also Kyle! Luckily the next morning he said he would. Wish us luck.

By the way it is nice to have a long weekend. Off to read and enjoy a cup of tea we got in Paris last spring.

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Carol said...

I haven't heard of either of these. I wanted to get to Bookies this weekend to look for books for my Boys and Chocolate group but life (and football) intervened, and I never made it. Dang!

Mary Lee said...

Tea from Paris, or teacup from Paris? Either one: SIGH. Paris.

I was actually thinking of the tea we drank in Germany last summer this morning when I made my cup from a bag. It's so civilized to drink tea from a pot. Why can't I make just that much more time every morning? Probably because I'm too busy reading blogs!