Friday, November 21, 2008

Does it have to be a classic?

Recently a parent asked me why I didn’t pick any of the classics for the Guys Read. I explained that my goal is to introduce the boys to new books. She asked “but don’t you think the old ones are good? How about Red Badge of Courage?”

So, my question is, am I being too narrow in the books we are reading? There are so many wonderful books to choose from. The canon is important, but if we don’t read the new authors how will it ever increase? I, also, think that as they continue in their education they will have enough teachers that will ONLY let them read the classics.


Carol said...

If you were going to do a classic (and I'm not saying I think you should, because I have mixed emotions about those) but if you wanted to, how about trying one of the great new graphic novel edition ones. Isaiah and I did BEOWULF that way last year, and he actually liked it. I would love to get together!


Corey Schwartz said...

I think the important thing is that you turn them on to reading. If you find books that hook them, they will be lifelong readers!

Franki said...

I think there is fun in reading new books, finding new authors, being part of the literary chat of the day. I agree with Corey--once they are hooked, they will expand their tastes and find the things they love. Love your blog!