Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Recently I received the first two books in the Roscoe Riley Rules series by Katherine Applegate. My plan was to read them quickly during free time at school and write about them on my blog. Well, they vanished the first morning. Book 2 did reappear yesterday morning. It is hard to pry good books from 3rd grade hands.

The funny part is that the series is for lower reading level then the class that has the books. It is hard to tell if older kids will read books about younger kids, but they seem to love this series. One boy said he has them at home and rereads them.

We are dealing with bullying issues here at school (which school isn’t?), so I think most can relate to how Roscoe and his friend feel.

My goal is to get the book into the hands of struggling readers.

Books sent to me by the author.


Carol said...

Hi Kyle,
These sound fun!
Hope you are doing well! I'm glad to have one week of CSAP's done and only one more to go. Phew!

Katherine Applegate said...

Glad they're enjoying them!

Katherine Applegate

SWIRL said...

Sounds interesting.. I will have to check it out! Thanks for sharing.. I am always looking for books that reluctant readers might pick up!