Monday, March 28, 2011

I.Q. By Roland Smith and the Book Fair

Our most recent book for Guys Read was I.Q.  Book One:  Independence Hall by Roland Smith.  Most of the guys read the book and really enjoyed it, as a matter of fact I had a copy of Book Two I received for the Cybil’s Award; so I raffled off first reader.  The book is somewhere at school in the hands of a boy.  Last week was our Scholastic Book Fair and there were a limited number of copies of I.Q. Book Two.  Needless to say they went very quickly.  I went in to get one, but no luck.  It was funny because a parent volunteer said to me “Why is that books so popular?  You’re the third person to ask for it in the last five minutes.”  I explained that the first one in the series had been a Guys Read book.  An odd look appeared on her face.  She does not have a son in Guys Read, so she didn’t quite understand how 26 boys can get about a book they like.

To be honest Guys Read Book Club has been a challenge lately.  During the first three years there was always at least one guy in each grade that was a reading leader.  He motivated his peers to read.  Unfortunately, this year there is no true reading leader in the third grade class.  Most show up without even reading the first chapter.  The older boys are getting frustrated and so am I.  I have decided that when we get back from spring break I am going to meet with the third graders and lay it on the line.  Hopefully, the directness and honesty will get them to take the club seriously. 

What is hard about all of this is that the whole mission on the club is to have fun.  I have always told the boys that they are welcome even if they haven’t finished the book.  The third grade cohort interpreted that to mean that they don’t need to try, but still come and be goofy.  Hopefully this works.

I.Q. Book Two was sent by the publisher.  

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