Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jarrett J. Krosoczka and The Lunch Lady

A few weeks ago Denver was visited by a great kids author and overall really nice guy.  We welcomed Jarrett Krosoczka to the Mile High City.  He was in town doing a few days of school visits.  While in town he made a stop by the Tattered Cover on Colfax.  I still have a hard time going to this Tattered Cover.  It has nothing to do with them as a bookseller.  The space is well merchandised and truthfully it is very close to my home and I drive by it daily on the way to school and from school.  I just missed what used to happen in the building.  I don’t think I will ever get over the fact that Denver didn’t support the Bonfil’s Theatre.  As a teen and 20 something I spent a lot of time watching my friends preform there. 

OK, sorry back to Jarrett.  I met Jarrett a couple of years ago at the CCIRA conference when I was lucky enough to be his host for the day.  He still thinks I accidently lost him, little does he know….  It was right before the first Lunch Lady book came out.  I received an ARC at the ALA Mid-Winter conference, which he signed.  He let me read the galley of the second Lunch Lady.  I spent the day laughing.  It was a wonderful day.  Over the years we have kept in contact through the blog world, Facebook and Twitter.  So when I saw he was coming I planned my schedule around seeing him.  He really knows how to pull in an audience.  He has a group of preschool and kinder girls singing and acting out the Lunch Lady.  My friend Lauren and I got there early and were able to visit with Jarrett for a while before his talk.

In the classroom Jarrett is in much demand.  The Lunch Lady series makes a constant round of book boxes.  It is a graphic novel series that is popular with both boys and girls.  For a reward for good behavior I showed them the video for Punk Farm.  For a week kids walked around singing the punk version of Old McDonald.

Thanks Random House for the free copy.

The new REM album is quite good.  I am listening to it this morning while writing this. (Nothing to do with this blog!)

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Iron Guy Carl said...

I LOVE the Lunch Lady series! What a lucky guy you are!