Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Slice #3 Happy

My students make me happy.  Today was a happy day in my class.  The last two weeks has been very stressful for my students.  I have been gone, they had the state reading test; and a parade of guest teachers. There is often criticism that 21st century kids have lost their innocence.  Well, if those critics had been in my class this morning they would see that my students are so far from being jaded. 

This morning I clicked on a link You Tube click of a current band doing a cover of Happy.  It was fun, but not the most appropriate for my class.  For some reason I searched Google for other Happy videos.  I found a perfect one for my class.  After the test was over, and we put the class back together I had the kids sit on the rug, and started the video.  As I look around the kids in front of me I see some snapping along, some doing hand movements, all singing along to the chorus.  Most importantly I see smiling, happy faces.  The goose bumps ran up my arms and I realized my students make me happy!

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Carol said...

Perfect song to start the day! I will be thinking of this as I proctor TCAP. Thank you!