Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Book Lottery and the Importance of the Independent Book Store

On Tuesday morning I held my first book lottery out in the hall outside my room. Another teacher was walking by, and stopped to watch. She couldn't believe that 9 boys were waiting to find out if they got to be the first to read a new book. I opened the lottery to students that had read the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid. There was joy for the six that got to be first to read Rodrick Rules, and disappointment for the four that had to wait. By weeks end 10 third graders and two second graders have finished it. I hope more students read it this week.

I hear often from teachers that they have to get their books from the big chains because they offer better discounts. Yes, teachers are on limited budgets but if WE don't support the independent book sellers wonderful children's book will NEVER be read. I would not have the books to share with my class if it were not for The Bookies. It is a jam packed book store. The women that work there do it because of their love of books. They share that with everyone that walks in the door.

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